Plant Minerals

Plant Minerals


When clients ask 'What supplements should I take for general health?', one of the FIRST things I say is 'correct any mineral deficiencies'. Two times Nobel Prize winner Dr Linus Pauling is quoted to have said 'You can trace every disease and ailment back to one or more mineral deficiencies'. Dr Gary Price Todd, one of the pioneering opthalmologist used minerals and antioxidants along with optimal diet and nutrition to correct up to 50% of cases of blindness and eye problems. He believed the body needs at least 60 minerals or more to work effectively. Dr Caroline Dean is of the same opinion on plant minerals. Check out her article here on Fibromyalgia/CFS and Magnesium/mineral deficiencies here

Due to intensive farming, our minerals have significantly been depleted from the soil. You can read Minerals Depletion Report here

Minerals are like the spark plug in your car, they get reactions happening. They catalyze enzymes and allow conversion processes to take place in the body. For example, without adequate zinc and selenium, your body will have a hard time converting thyroxine hormone (T4) which is the inactive form into T3, the active form. So even if you have good levels of T4 and you're taking your medicines regularly, you may still feel fatigued and have all the symptoms of a having a sluggish thyroid.

The question is 'Are all minerals created equal?'

For minerals supplements, one good product I use is Simply Naturals Plant derived minerals complex which contains 75 minerals in the food state plant form. They come from pre-historic plants. For more information on this product, please download the document call 'Root of All Illnesses' under the Articles tab on this website. I have used plant minerals for many years on hundreds of patients with excellent results and it is something I recommend for general wellness. The idea of supplementing with minerals can be to correct any minerals deficiencies (which may be seen using a hair minerals analysis, taste tests, blood tests or red blood cell tests) OR as prevention of ill health.

You might find people raising concerns about 'heavy metals' found in these types of plant minerals. Aluminium in the food state form is not the same as the toxic metallic forms of aluminium found in cookwares of al-foils. Food state forms are not toxic unlike heavy metals in their metallic forms. You can download here an article by Dr Saccoman about heavy metals in plant minerals compared to metallic minerals

Third party mineral info:

Sizzling Minerals formula has been approved by the EU regulations. They have undergone RGC anti-doping testings and has passed these rigorous tests which test for products used by Olympians.


Metallic minerals are like ground up rocks and clays. Many minerals supplements on the market are sold in their metallic forms and are very poorly absorbed by the body (as little as up to 10% absorption). You may also see minerals sold chelated to an amino acid. For example, magnesium citrate or orotate, zinc bisglycinate or zinc citrate  and so on. Chelating increases absorption of the minerals (reported up to 40%) but it is still in its metallic form and absorption  is only about half or less of what is possible with food state plant derived minerals. Chelating with certain amino acids can also be beneficial for example using malic acid as an amino acid chelate allows malic acid to be incorporated into the Krebs cycle for energy (ATP) production although overall, absorption of the minerals is much less compared to its food state form which comes with living enzymes.Plant minerals are much better absorbed (having a molecular size around 7000 times smaller than a human red blood cell) and assimilated by the body due to their much smaller molecular size and hydrophilic nature (water loving/water soluble).  German doctors and researchers have found unlike metallic minerals which are fat soluble and can accumulate in the body, plant minerals have a very short half life and do not accumulate and cause toxicity.Plant minerals possess a negative zeta potential which helps it  chelate toxins , they have a negative charge unlike metallic minerals that have a positive charge. For this reason, when starting sizzling minerals, you can start with half the dose daily (1/2 tablet) for  a few days if you are prone to detox reactions.

Sizzling minerals has was nominated in Natural Health Magazine as one of the top three minerals supplement on the market.





A Harley Street clinic tested Sizzling Minerals in patients using live blood analysis and found it had positive results with de-clumping of the red cells and improved flow.




Since 2017, Sizzling Minerals has been reformulated due to EU regulations. It now includes food state magnesium (200mg) and potassium (250mg). Having a healthy ratio of potassium to sodium inside the cells is vital for optimal health. Chris Woollam's, a renowned Biochemist explains in this article.




For patients with clinically raised potassium (>5.2mmol/L) or in the following category, please consult your healthcare professional before taking Sizzling Minerals

  • those with chronic or acute kidney failure
  • raised potassium due to other causes (urinary tract infections and on multiple drugs which raise potassium such as ACE-inhibitors (ramipril, captopril, losartan etc , potassium sparing diuretics such as Spironolactone, Amiloride and Triamterne).
  • To put things into perspective, 1 avocado contains over 1000mg of potassium. 1 cup of cooked spinach contains over 800mg of potassium. ½ a salmon filet has 772 milligrams of potassium.
  • The amount of potassium in one tablet of sizzling minerals (250mg) is minimal compared to what we consume daily through food. However for patients with already clinically raised potassium (>5.2mmol/L) due to whatever underlying cause(s), it is prudent to monitor your intake of potassium through all sources including foods and supplements as advised by your doctor.


Sizzling Minerals and other forms of it are now used by many therapists, athletes and nutritionists including the well known Felicity Corbin Wheeler (Revelation TV) ~ terminal pancreatic cancer survivor (that is well over 30 years ago now)

If you would like a free sample to try, please email me.

I am a distributor for Simply Naturals after having had amazing benefits myself from mineral supplementation. You can purchase these minerals on my minerals website below. This link allows you to register as a customer or distributor if you are in the UK, America, Australia and most parts of Europe. Australia, America and the UK all have their distribution centres. EU is shipped from the UK. 

You can buy on a recurring basis which will save you money and you can cancel or reactivate your purchase at any time. A one off order is more costly.

There are many fantastic high performing natural products on the market which I regularly recommend for various conditions. You can view some of these on my blog or tune into my webinars to discover more.

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