FREE WEBINAR – Balancing Your Immune System

FREE WEBINAR – Balancing Your Immune System

This is a LIVE 45 minute webinar (with 15 minutes question time)

Date: TBA

Your Host: Ileana Nguyen (Haematology/Oncology Specialist Pharmacist & Naturopathic Nutritionist)

Do you dread the winter months? People around you are coming down with colds and flu, coughing and sneezing.

Do you have a weak immune system? 

Do you want to know how to prevent and recover quicker from an infection?

Don't miss this LIVE webinar !!!! I grew up in rural Vietnam for 8 years where we had no drugs, vaccines or pharmacies and yet we knew what to do to keep our immune system strong. I am going to share with you what oriental people have done for thousands of years to stay fit an healthy during winter months and throughout the year.

You will learn which simple herbs , nutrients and detox methods can help boost your immune system and ward you off the winter cold and flu. We will cover the following:

  1. What makes up our immune system?
  2. How to modulate and boost the immune system with herbs, vitamins, minerals, medicinal mushrooms & detoxes.
  3. What is autoimmunity and when NOT to overstimulate the immune system.
  4. How healing your gut can improve your immune system
  5. How to create your own natural medicines cupboard.

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