Bioresonance consultation

Bioresonance consultation


This is a Biofeedback consultation using the Genius Insight bioresonance application.  It can be done remote via Skype/Whatsapp/Messenger or in person through voice recognition.

It includes the following:

1 hrs initial consultation and scan with optional rebalancing.

15 minutes rebalancing 3 x a week for two weeks (optional)

Full reports emailed to you immediately after the scan with recommendations and interpretations.

Note: this is NOT a nutritional therapy consultation. A full nutritional therapy protocol will not be provided. If you would like a nutritional therapy consultations, please purchase the Naturopathic Nutritional Consultation (Optional Bioresonance Scan). Where appropriate, basic nutritional and lifestyle advice will be given with the Bioresonance scan.

In addition you will receive BONUSES worth over £20

Access to all FREE webinars (past and present) that I run and ONE free webinar which is usually a paid webinar.

One free ebook on green smoothies.


Naturopathic medicine looks for the root causes to our imbalances whether it is on a physical, emotional or spiritual level, which can then manifest as a physical illness. For example, someone presenting with skin issues like psoriasis may have underlying problems in the digestive tract or liver and therefore by digging deep to find the driver(s) or cause(s), we can move further towards optimal health.

Although on a physical level we can do functional or stool testings to detect physical changes, sometimes emotional or energetic imbalances are more subtle and difficult to detect. The Infinity Genius application works through voice recognition to detect the frequency at which you are vibrating at and compares that to many frequencies pre-poragmmed into the software. Once these imbalances are detected, sound at a certain frequency is played back to rebalance your system. It works a bit like a tuning fork. We all need re-tuning now and again. This can be done remotely.  This process works on an energetic level not a physical level. It is based on mathematical parameters not magical ! You can choose to accept the re-balancing if you wish otherwise even with the scan alone, it can give us clues as to where your imbalances lie and what you can do to correct that either through diet and lifestyle changes. Energetic imbalances may not be seen in your current physical symptoms. However, if left unattended, it may mean that in the futur physical symptoms can surface.

It will scan a  whole array of areas including the Mind, Body and Biofield. Within these categories are sub-categories such as vitamins, minerals, neurotransmitters, herbs, amino acids, bach flowers, electrochemical sensitivities, emotional factors, organs. The list is endless. I have had great results from clients when used alone or in conjunction with nutritional therapy.

For each session, I would need your voice recording over 30 seconds to be sent to me via email or text messaging.

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