Natural Fertility Coaching Programme for Couples (6 months)

Natural Fertility Coaching Programme for Couples (6 months)


This is a Natural Fertility Coaching Programme with Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy  for couples. It is also suitable for women who have had recurrent miscarriages who wish to explore natural options for fertility. This can be tailored to any stage from antenatal to postnatal care. Please see below for further information.




This is a 6 months Natural Fertility coaching programme using Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy and Natural Medicines for couples.

Ideally, couples wishing to prepare for conception should optimize their health at least 6 months in advance. During this time, you can do fertility detoxifications, nourish your mind and body to prepare the most optimal environment to welcome your new baby.

This package is personalised to your own health needs and concerns, however during this 6 months, you will also learn a lot about natural medicine and healing in general including:

  • Root causes to infertility such as: PCOS, egg health, endometriosis, stress and fertility, low progesterone, hypothyroidism, premature ovarian failure, leutial phase defects, environmental toxins and heavy metals and much more.
  • Different holistic fertility approaches such as acupuncture, Napro-technology, fertility herbs, fertility cleansing, tribulus, progesterone and much more
  • Probiotics and gut health in fertility
  • Nutritional supplements and fertility for men and women
  • Nutrition for optimal sperm and egg heath
  • Optimal nutrition before, during and after pregnancies
  • Blood sugar balancing to keep your energy high and to reduce the risk of gestational diabetes
  • Natural approaches to management and prevention of pregnancy related complications such as eclampsia and pre-eclampsia and post natal depression, infections in conjunction with medical advice from your Dr and midwives.
  • Cooking methods and food preparation tips to save time and money.

It will include the following for each person:

  • 2 hrs initial consultation via skype/webinar or in person
  • 6 x 1 hr follow up consultation every 4 weeks for 6 months
  • Ongoing support during the 6 months period for any queries in between the consultations
  • Bonuses worth over £300 for EACH person:
    • Free access to all health webinars
    • Free access to members area for nutrition and natural health information on a variety of topics such as minerals, immune system, recipes and much more.
    • Free bioresonance scan and rebalancing with Genius Insight quantum technology via voice recognition every week (2-3x a week initially). This is optional and can be done remotely.
    • 10% Discount of all nutritional supplements and health products through the Natural Dispensary (A practitioner nutrition company stocking over 35o brands of practitioner grade products). International delivery available
    • £30 off comprehensive DNA panel testing via International samples accepted
    • 20% Discounts off all stool testing via BTS labs
    • FREE Bach Flower Remedies (up to 5 remedies in a bottle) individually made for you using the results from the Genius Insight Quantum evaluation.
  • This will be individualized to your own health and well-being but with a focus on additional knowledge about general health and natural medicine.
  • This course is not accredited but you will come out of it armed with invaluable knowledge and skills on natural living and nutrition which you can apply in day to day life and help others around you.
  • This programme is for couples
  • Learning is at your own pace through recorded or live webinars and online support.
  • For families with 3 to 6 members, please see the PLATINUM package.
  • If you are on the  GET WELL- SILVER package (3 months) and would like to bring in your partner,  you may upgrade to this package at any time.
  • Installment pay plans available on request.
  • All consultations can be done remote using skype, whatsapp, phone or other methods.
  • International clients are welcome. Many of our tests and supplements can be posted world wide.

Your health improvement and transformation is my success. Therefore, I am devoted to coaching you and helping you as much as I can and as much as you are willing to help yourself.

I look forward to working with you ! 🙂

For any queries or if you'd like an informal chat, please contact me on

or +44 7712475869




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