Naturopathic Nutritional Consultation (Optional Bioresonance Scan)

Naturopathic Nutritional Consultation (Optional Bioresonance Scan)


This is a NATUROPATHIC NUTRITIONAL THERAPY consultation with an optional Bioresonance scan using the Genius Insight software via voice recognition. It can be done remote via Skype/Whatsapp/Messenger or in person. Please see below for more information.



Naturopathic Nutritional Consultation with Optional Bioresonance Scan

1.5-2 hrs initial consultation

1 hr follow up consultation after 4-6 weeks

In addition, you will receive FOUR BONUSES  below worth over £120:

  • 1 hr bioresonance scan with the Genius Insight software with balancing . The full reports will be emailed to you (with interpretation)
  • Access to THREE nutrition/health webinars free of charge (live or recorded)
  • You will receive one bottle of Bach flower remedies made just for you (optional and for EU clients only)
  • Free Green Smoothies e-book

We will begin your wellness journey with a health questionnaire and a food survey. You will be asked to keep a food diary over a few days if possible so I can assess your nutrient intake and food habits. The idea is not to judge what you are currently doing or not doing but to help you forward towards optimal health and nutrition.

One of the principles of naturopathic medicine is to look for the root causes to our imbalances which can then manifest as a physical illness. For example, someone presenting with skin issues like psoriasis may have underlying problems in the digestive tract or liver and therefore by digging deep to find the driver or causes, we can move further to health improvements.  Through the health questionnaires and food survey, we will discuss possible root causes of your condition(s).

We will review your diet, environmental, genetic and lifestyle potential triggers. Recommendation for functional or genetic testing may be necessary and this varies from one person to the next. Bioresonance scan with the Genius Insight software is optional but highly recommended as it shows your imbalances from an energetic level which isn’t always visible to the naked eye. The system works remotely via voice recognition and compares your frequency to many other frequencies that have been programmed into the software which we are testing against.

It will scan a  whole array of areas including the Mind, Body and Biofield. Within these categories are sub-categories such as vitamins, minerals, neurotransmitters, herbs, amino acids, bach flowers, electrochemical sensitivities, essential oils, glands, emotional factors, organs. The list is endless. It will scan for imbalances and a re-balancing session is available if you wish. Otherwise, it is still enough to help us put the jigsaw pieces together while reducing guess work.

As they say ‘knowledge is power’. I believe in order to make lasting changes, two things need to happen.

  1. Changes need to be supported. Therefore, I will ensure you are fully supported with implementing your protocol. Understanding WHY you are making the changes you are is very important for long term compliance. I will be there to answer your queries and support you.
  2. You will have access to all free webinars that I run (including previous webinars which you will access via recording) and in addition, THREE free webinars that you would normally need to pay for.

Your health improvement is my success!

I look forward to working with you. Please contact me on if you have any questions.

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