Raw Carob Protein Energy Bar (Family Recipe)

Raw Carob Protein Energy Bar (Family Recipe)

This is an old family recipe passed down at least 4 generations in my family. During the depression in Canada, my mother-in-law says the nearest supermarket was 25 miles away and they had no means of getting there regularly. The family learnt to make their own  healthy snacks, milk, cheese and even tomato sauce ! People did  a lot of manual work mostly logging, and snacks had to provide nutrient dense value and energy (unlike most snacks today which are just full of trans fats and sugar)

It is a favourite protein snack in our household among kids and adults and it never lasts long ! Thank goodness it's so easy to make and takes no time at all. It is packed with vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, protein, fibre and will satisfy even those with a sweet tooth as well ! So if you are bored of eating dark chocolate, and  expensive snack bars full of dried fruits (concentrated in fructose sugar) here's something you can try.

It is RAW, chemical free and super easy to make. Preparation time is about ten minutes so no excuse for those busy bodies.


1/2 cup sesame seeds (can be roasted in coconut oil, ghee or avocado oil)

1 cup raw honey (or 1/2 cup honey and 1/2 cup coconut oil)

1 cup of your favourite nut butter ( I have tried it with sunflower seed butter too and it's still yummy)

1 cup carob powder

1 cup sunflower seeds

1/2 cup crushed nuts (walnuts or other nuts)

1/2 cup coconut shreds

1/2 cup wheatgerm ( or coconut flour)

1/2 cut raisins or chopped dates ( optional- I often omit this as it's extra fructose)

Mix all together in a large bowl (get the kids mixing, they will love it !) until all is mixed thoroughly. Alternatively, use a kitchen machine. Once all mixed, place into a tray to form the depth of about an inch. Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes or until a bit solid. ENJOY with a lovely cup of herbal tea of coffee.

For those on LOW GL diet (diabetics, cancer patients, PCOS etc), use xylitol, stevia or monk fruit sugar and use coconut oil in place of a cup of honey. I find one cup of honey very sweet so I often reduce that and substitute with more oils from the nut butter or coconut oil. As long as you use enough liquid/ raw oil to bind.

You can chop and change the wet and dry ingredients provided the RATIO of wet to dry remains constant..that will ensure your carob square will not fall apart. You can use a bit of maple syrup  in place of honey. Experiment with the level of sweetness and use xylitol and stevia where required while cutting down the amount of honey (but you need to replace it with equal amounts of a web ingredient such as coconut oil). These sugar substitutes will not cause rise to blood sugar levels and insulin hormone. Ground up nuts and seeds makes a great substitute for dry ingredients.

Using protein powder (eg pea protein) is another way of substituting with a dry ingredient such as wheat germ.

Enjoy !!!

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