Secret to a ‘BANG ON’ Cycle Naturally

Secret to a ‘BANG ON’ Cycle Naturally

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Say NO to PMS, painful, heavy, irregular cycles, PCOD and YES to healthy hormone function, balanced moods, more LOVE making naturally, knowing your exact window of fertility... also a sneak peak at a revolutionary alternative to IVF for infertility / miscarriage...

With guest presenter, Nicole Parker (Natural Fertility Care Practitioner)

About Nicole..

Nicole Parker is a Fertility Care Practitioner, with a background in physical/health education, nursing & natural reproductive health. She set up practice for more than a decade in London with the first FertilityCare Clinic in the UK, empowering women and couples to actually take charge of and properly understand their gynaecological health and fertility.

She works with holistic medical specialists to help women with various gynaecological problems, addressing the root underlying causes of their issues, rather than masking these with the Pills or synthetic hormones. She has spoken widely on an international level about the importance of authentic reproductive health education, most notably, various medical/nursing education programmes, the House of Commons (Westminster UK) and the European Parliament in Brussels.


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