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If you are interested in any of the packages or consultations, I'd LOVE to hear from you. Please call for 15 minutes FREE OF CHARGE  discussion or email me for any general queries before committing to a consultation or package.

The initial consultation will involve comprehensive questioning to ascertain the bigger picture of your overall health, diet and nutrition. This is so we do not miss on key symptoms or signs which may indicate other issues which need a


The following would be useful for you to bring along to the consultation:

  • Relevant tests, scans, letters from your GP or hospital/consultant doctor
  • Previous recommendations from other therapists
  • Names and dosages of drugs or other over the counter medicines including herbs, vitamins/minerals/homeopathic remedies

If you are taking medications, you will be offered a full medication use review where I will help you to optimize the use of your drugs to reduce side effects, increase effectiveness and review potential drug-nutrient interactions.

I offer a comprehensive Biofeedback/Bioresonance scan using a state of the art Genius Insight quantum app with all nutritional consultations and packages. I will perform the balancing also if you would like it done (see packages for more info). From the results of this scan, I make up a unique Bach flower essence for you which contains up to 5 remedies most suited to you to help balance and fine tune your emotions and energy.


We will agree on a plan in terms of adjustments to your diet plus nutritional supplements if necessary for a period of 4-6 weeks depending on your needs.

Sometimes it may be necessary to perform certain stool or functional/biochemical testing(s) – some of which can be done by your GP, others may need to be done privately. We only use reliable well known labs which are also used by private medical Drs such as BIOLAB ( or BTS lab (for stool analysis). This is only necessary if we want to refine your protocol and really see what is going if the basics of what we do is not achieving the desired outcome.

I can show you sample stool tests, hair minerals analysis or genetic DNA tests and bioresonance scans so you will have an idea of what it the results may look like.

The UK genetic testing company I use and several other lab testing companies also accept international samples. For information on Epigenetic testing, please see under FREE WEBINARS


For INTERNATIONAL CLIENTS or those who cannot do face to face consultations, I’m happy to consult over Skype, Whatsap, Messenger or phone.  

We are now spoilt with technology so for INTERNATIONAL CLIENTS, consultations are no longer a barrier. Many supplement companies I use will happily ship overseas for a decent rate or you can use local brands. I am registered with Australian private labs for aussie clients.

Please contact me via email on for appointment bookings. Evening appointments are available.


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Nine Springs Complimentary Centre

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Can't Afford a Consultation?

For clients with limited means we can discuss ways to support you with financing/payment options. I do not want you to miss out on achieving optimal health due to financial reasons.

You can access some of my free webinar recordings and learn from my blogs  or FREE ebooks to begin with.